How to integrate Machinations into your studio's workflow

I'm Matthew Morris, Evangelist at Machinations. 

Time and time again, I've seen developers encounter issues when it comes to balancing: economy inflation, core loop deadlocks, content grind, the impact of introducing a new system during live ops.

I've made it my mission to eliminate these uncertainties.

I've been seeing Machinations Architects cut down their development time by quickly prototyping new game mechanics, rapidly testing their designs and identifying & fixing flaws way ahead of launch.

I would love to get 30 minutes with you to understand your use case for Machinations and give you a personalized guided tour of the platform.

with CTA-2

Craft flawless game design

Map your game design in an interactive diagram, using a visual, Turing-complete language composed of 9 atomic Nodes and 2 types of Connections.


Calibrate player experience

Hit Run and watch any system come to life, interactively. Click-to-edit parameters and run Monte Carlo simulations until you find the perfect balance.


All on 1 diagram

Empower your team with a single point of truth for game design and reduce time spent chasing outdated, static GDDs and sheets.

Spreadsheets Reimagined

Combine machine and human analysis through visualization

Complexity Mastered

Simulate emergence and forecast the butterfly effect

Balancing Solved

Your game is a unit, treat it holistically

Used by leading studios around the World